Training & Monitoring

Insider Threat Awareness

Since the beginning of the Afghanistan Campaign, one of the largest challenges in fostering trust between ANDSF and their coalition advisors has been the risk of insider attacks. Insider attacks are known as the Blue-on-Green or in cases when Afghan soldier(s) attack/target their own in the rank, Blue-on-Blue. The enemy uses this tactic to further apart the lack of collaboration and trust between ANDSF and their coalition advisors and also to sew mistrust between Afghan soldiers. While there is no one solution to remedy this problem all at once, but much can be done to mitigate and detect the risk of such attacks on coalition advisors and ANDSF soldiers. 

Our solution to this problem is training and creating awareness. We believe coalition advisors receive appropriate ongoing and periodic training with regards to this subject, but on the contrary, their Afghan counterparts both on the ANA and the ANP side receive little to no training on this matter. Our center develops this much-needed training solution designed explicitly for the Afghanistan scenario by considering their linguistic and cultural traits. We develop and alter our training for the specific needs of our clients. These trainings are offered on multiple platforms, online, in-person, and in the field. 


Workplace harassment in Afghanistan is a major deterrent to women’s participation in the private and government sector; women regularly suffer verbal and physical abuse, blackmail, and the use of authority to coerce sexual favors. Additionally, this treatment extends beyond the private sector.
An October 2016 report, “Barriers Faced by Women at Workplace: Analysis and Suggestions by the Afghan Ministry of Women’s Affairs and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID),” found that women’s participation in government jobs is dismally low, due to harassment. Fifty-four percent of female survey respondents said they do not feel comfortable while interacting with their male counterparts.
The ministry reported that employers’ lack of anti-harassment policies presents a major hurdle to female representation. The ministry also found that fear of abuse prevents many families from allowing wives and daughters to enter the workforce. But help might be on the way.

Our sexual harassment training modules bring all of the above assessments into consideration while strictly abiding by the Afghan laws and their respective ministerial regulations in addressing sexual harassment at the workplace.


This course covers the code of business conduct, bribery, and gifts and hospitality. The Anti-corruption training course aims to increase awareness and understanding of the corruption risks businesses and organizations may face. All our courses are tailored as per the needs of our clients with the highest consideration given to the local context. 

Interpreter Training

Our industry-recognized training solutions are unsurpassed in assisting organizations in the development of interpreter skills of their staff to further ensure the quality of services to multilingual markets, meet regulatory requirements, improve customer service, and enhance the organization’s image. With the increased demand for equal access to services, our training programs are designed to build strong bilingual quality and interpreter service standards. G.I. Corps’ industry-leading interpreter training courses focus on developing interpreting skills and knowledge, including the code of ethics, terminology, and standards of practice. Enrolees receive a certificate of completion upon successful completion of the course. Our comprehensive content has been developed by interpreter trainers, each with an average of twenty years of industry experience.



Afghanistan Ethics and Compliance Center is a subsidiary of G.I. Corps which offers a dynamic e-learning solution that will enhance the way employees process information to memory. Afghanistan Learning Compliance Center e-learning course materials offer learners the ability to reinforce their specific learning modality to memory by offering enhanced visual, auditory, and superior kinaesthetic forms of learning at one time. We also alter all our training as per the specific needs of our clients and their organizations. We deliver all our training in native Afghan languages, mainly Pashto and Dari with English subtitles. 

Online Seminars

A webinar, “web seminar,” is a presentation that is conducted online with a live instructor transmitted in real-time. Our webinars include live voice chat from an instructor combined with a web-based platform that allows attendees to follow along with a PowerPoint slide show presentation, questions session (either verbally or in writing), and discussion participation. Text chat also enables users to ask questions after the presentation has ended. Trainees can see the instructor as well as the slide presentation. Handouts are available for each attendee. We generally recommend between 15-20 attendees per session to ensure a lively discussion.

Training Trainer

Our “Train the Trainer” program empowers your organization to handle its own training needs. Once you have identified an appropriate and qualified employee to serve as your organization’s trainer, our intensive review of the course materials will prepare them to conduct legally compliant training for your entire organization. We offer a variety of topics; please visit our course library for a full list of the topics offered. Our “Train-the-trainer” service is delivered via one-on-one in-person training. Each training session lasts approximately four hours long to cover all of the relevant information. We also offer custom “Train-the-Trainer” sessions to train on multiple topics during one extended training session or across multiple sessions, depending on your needs.

Live On-Site Training

On-site instructor-led training is a form of training that involves a live instructor and either individuals or groups of trainees. On-site instructor-led training is done at your facility (or a pre-designated location) and can be customized for dozens of trainees to a single trainee. We recommend a maximum of 25-30 trainees per session to ensure a focused and personalized interactive training experience. ACT uses instructors that are knowledgeable in the training topic you desire.

Instructor-led training is the most interactive training format because it allows attendees and the instructor to engage in real discussions and allows trainees to receive immediate feedback. Instruction can be delivered in the traditional classroom format but can also be organized as an interactive workshop or any form that works best for your organization’s culture. We offer a variety of topics, to find out more visit our course library for a full list of the topics offered. Each training session lasts 1-2 hours depending on your needs. We also offer customized training sessions that cover multiple topics during one training session. Your company’s employee handbook or posted policies can also be communicated to employees during a training session along with explanations about the proper interpretation of the policies and consequences (constructive disciplinary steps) for violating the policies. We set aside 30 minutes to 1 hour for this portion of the training.

Cutting-edge technology allows the Afghanistan Compliance Training Center to employ striking visual aids that assist trainees in better understanding the sensitive issues under discussion. Our on-site training sessions are highly interactive and informative. We also provide easy-to-read professional materials such as custom booklets, pamphlets, slides, and other effective educational literature.