Risk Management

Security and Risk Management

G.I. CORPS is one of the most agile and locally knowledgeable security and risk management companies in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia. We employ the best of the best security professionals and risk management technologies wherever we operate. Moreover, over the years of our service in the defence and security industries, we have established an extensive network of strategic business alliance with some of the top local and regional security companies in the Middle East that are highly skilled, professional, and connected in their respective areas of operations. Most importantly, our company is formed and led by professionals with over decades of military, intelligence, and law enforcement experience.

What makes us the company of choice

  • Led by Former Military, Intelligence, and Law Enforcement Professionals
  • Senior Management Strategically Based in the Broader Middle-East
  • A Vast Network of Worldwide Risk Management Business Alliances
  • Detailed, Timely, and Relevant Risk Analysis that is Globally Relevant
  • Specialize in Hiring International Ex-Military-Battle Tested Professionals
  • Adaptable and Flexible Solutions to Respond as Situations Evolve
  • Tailored Contracts Offering the Best Value and Best Quality Solutions