Life Support & Logistics

Life Support & Logistics

One of the greatest challenges for agencies operating on a global scale is the ability to operate an operational environment that is continuously changing seamlessly. With operations in more than twenty countries, we deliver timely, scalable, and cost-effective logistics and support solutions that easily integrate into our customer’s day-to-day operations. Our reach back capability comprises global training and infrastructure, maintenance and repair, transportation, supply chain management, construction utilities, intelligence and analysis, translation and interpretation of special operations mission support and personnel, as well as integrated life support and medical equipment and pharmaceutical supplies.

We always keep and value our clients’ mission while continuing to build local economies through local purchases and partnerships. Our mission is to support our clients and the communities we serve.  

Our Services Include:


Internet Service Provider (ISP)

G.I. CORPS is a licensed partner of North Telecom and Western Afghanistan, a global internet service provider in the Middle East and Africa.  We offer the following Internet service provider solutions:

Medical Equipment and Pharmaceutical Supplies

Fiber & Wireless

We provide fiber-based broadband internet services to the government, businesses, NGOs, and individuals in the Middle East and Africa. We also offer our clients flexible data plans, unbeatable availability and 24/7 customer support delivery, world-class network performance, and superb SLA.

VSAT Services

G.I. CORPS and its partners have the most experienced VSAT-team in the region. Our latest satellite platforms bring broadband internet communications to out-of-town locations across the Middle East. 

Telecom Solutions

Our technical team specializes in the development and implementation of customized solutions for customers who require value-added network services. We support multiple remote branch organizations through our partner converged VSAT/fiber network infrastructure, using VPN L2/L3, QoS, and other latest network technologies.

Medical Equipment and Pharmaceutical Supplies

Our range of products comprises all essential medicines and medical supplies, including a full range of hospital equipment and matching services. Our expertise also covers the development, assembly, and packing of health kits on demand.

We deliver practical solutions with long-term impacts. Our record of partnering with national governments and international organizations is built on a business model that emphasizes efficiency, economy, and effectiveness in everything we do. We place great importance on helping our customers get the most from their investment, and on providing solutions that are sustainable far into the future.

We offer a complete range of generic pharmaceuticals in all dosage forms as per the WHO Model Lists of Essential Medicines.
Our product range includes all the essential drugs in all dosage forms. We continuously maintain a comprehensive knowledge about new products and applications, and we focus on making the latest products within our field available to our customers.